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Tariff, 2019:
(all prices include VAT)
Guestroom 1 or guestroom 2:
SEK 1300/room first night and SEK 1100 /room the following nights, including breakfast, sheets and towels.
Guestroom 3:
SEK 1000/room including breakfast, sheets and towels.

We can be reached on +46 (0)70 864 66 39. Our email address is


We are here:
Stiby lies some 500 meters west of Gärsnäs on Route 11 between Tomelilla and Simrishamn. When you reach the crossroads intersecting Route 11 and the road to Rörum, drive 100 meters and on your left you will see a driveway flanked by two white gateposts. You’ve arrived!

There is ample parking.
If you are travelling by rail, disembark at Gärsnäs station.

GPS coordinates:
RT90 (Swedish Grid Coordinate System)
X: 6159542, Y: 1396974
WGS84 (World Geodetic System)
Lat N 55° 33′ 16″ Lon E 14° 10′ 21″
55.5545, 14.1727

The map depicted to the right may be of assistance and can be viewed in either map form or as a satellite image.


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Ett par rum på Österlen • Prästgårdsvägen 7, S-272 61 Gärsnäs (the Old Stiby vicarage) • Tel. +46 70 864 66 39 • info@ettparrum.se